44-2727 - Front upper Adjustable Control Arm W/Ball Joint

  • Quick and easy replacement of OE control arm
  • Greaseable ball joint design for extended durability
  • Adjustable ball joints allows for continuous future adjustments
  • OE style control arm
  • Fits both Left and Right sides of vehicle  

Adjustment Range: ± 3.0° Camber ± 1.5° Caster

Quantity: Each

Sides Adjusted: 1

Compatible Vehicles Years Total Thrust Alignment Adjustment Method Est. Install Hours
Chevrolet Silverado HD 2500/3500 2WD/4WD 2011 - 2019 X Front Wheel 80176Control Arm W/BJ
80181Control Arm W/BJ
GMC Sierra HD 2500/3500 2WD/4WD 2011 - 2019 X Front Wheel 78528Control Arm W/BJ
78532Control Arm W/BJ

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