About Northstar

Northstar was founded in 1980 in response to a growing industry need for some type of product to create the ability to adjust camber/caster and rear toe setting on vehicles that were being produced with no factory means provided.

This industry-wide problem was born out of the front wheel drive vehicles introduced to the U.S. market in the late 1970’s that needed BOTH the front and rear wheels to be aligned to prevent tire wear and handling problems.

Over the years vehicle manufacturers have continued to produce all types vehicles, (Cars, Trucks, Minivans & SUVs) that are not equipped with any factory means to adjust critical alignment angles to factory specifications. This led Northstar to develop a complete line of adjustment products designed to solve these problems.

Over the years Northstar has become the industry leader in the design and production of alignment parts and tools used by professional technicians.

Today the need for our product line is more important than ever.

Northstar takes great pride in its leadership position in the industry and is constantly at work designing and developing new problem solving products for the aftermarket.

All products are thoroughly tested to meet the strictest guidelines for performance and ease of installation.

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