44-2720L - Front Upper Camber/Caster Control Arm W Adjustable Ball Joint (Left)

  • Quick and easy replacement of an OE control arm 
  • Adjustable balljoint allows for continous future adjustments 
  • OE style Control arm

Adjustment Range: ±1.0°

Quantity: Each

Caution: Do not pressurize the ball joint pocket with the grease gun. The grease fitting is for filling the pocket only. Fill until there is pressure in the handle of your grease gun then STOP. Only use manual grease guns to fill the ball joints. Using a battery or air assist grease gun can cause permanent damage and or premature failure of ball joint.

Sides Adjusted: 1

Compatible Vehicles Years Total Thrust Alignment Adjustment Method Est. Install Hours
Dodge Durango 2011 - 2015 X Front Wheel 59958Control Arm W/BJ
59963Control Arm W/BJ
Jeep Grand Cherokee 2011 - 2015 X Front Wheel 79818Control Arm W/BJ
79822Control Arm W/BJ

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