41-147 - Heavy Duty 12mm Magna Cam

The fast and easy alternative to adjust camber on vehicles utilizing standard 2-bolt (upper and lower) strut-to-knuckle mounting bolt design. This unique design incorporates an offset internal sleeve working in conjunction with a full-size, high-strength OE-diameter bolt (with matching internal offset), which allows camber to be increased or decreased by a simple turn of the bolt. Magna Cam allows the technician to accurately adjust camber with weight of vehicle on front wheels.

Adjustment Range: ±1.75°

Quantity: Pair

Sides Adjusted: 2

Compatible Vehicles Years Total Thrust Alignment Adjustment Method Est. Install Hours
Chevrolet Cruze 2011 - 2019 X Front Wheel 60558Magna Cam 605580.30
Buick Lacrosse (Non HiPer Strut) 2010 - 2019 X Front Wheel 69421Magna Cam 694210.30
Buick Verano 2012 - 2017 X Front Wheel 58557Magna Cam 585570.30
Cadillac Catera 1997 - 2001 X Front Wheel 442Magna Cam 4420.30
Chevrolet Aveo 2012 - 2014 X Front Wheel 53889Magna Cam 538890.30

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