88-343 - Micro Shear Rear Shim Tab Cutter

This cutting tool is designed to easily remove the tabs from our rear-wheel full contact/dual angle shims. Removes only those you need removed. Works equally well on both the original design or the System 2000 universal design.

Quantity: Each

Compatible Vehicles Years Total Thrust Alignment Adjustment Method Est. Install Hours
Acura Integra 1986 - 1989 X Rear Wheel
Audi 100/200 FWD 1989 - 1994 X Rear Wheel
Audi 5000 FWD 1978 - 1988 X Rear Wheel
Audi 80 1988 - 1992 X Rear Wheel
Audi 90 FWD 1988 X Rear Wheel

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