46-2176 - Rear Greaseable Adjustable Camber Arm

  • Allows for postive or negetive rear toe adjustments where no OE adjustments are available 
  • Hexed turnbuckle design for fast and easy adjustments
  • Includes OE style bushings 

Adjustment Range: ±4°

Quantity: Each

Sides Adjusted: 1

Compatible Vehicles Years Total Thrust Alignment Adjustment Method Est. Install Hours
Chrysler 200 2011 - 2014 X Rear Wheel 71934Rear Arm 719340.60
Dodge Avenger 2011 - 2014 X Rear Wheel 71942Rear Arm 719420.60
Dodge Journey 2011 - 2022 X Rear Wheel 85014Rear Arm 850140.60

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