44-794 - Camber Guide & Cam Kit

  • These kits provide a steel guide with cam assemblies to make ±1.5º camber adjustment
  • Designed to provide adjustment where no OE adjustment is availible

Adjustment Range: ±1.5º

Quantity: Kit

Sides Adjusted: 2

Compatible Vehicles Years Total Thrust Alignment Adjustment Method Est. Install Hours
Dodge Durango 2011 - 2015 X Front Wheel 59957Camber Kit 599570.30
Dodge Durango 2016 - 2020 X Front Wheel 79018Camber Kit 790180.30
Jeep Grand Cherokee 2011 - 2015 X Front Wheel 79820Camber Kit 798200.50
Jeep Grand Cherokee 2016 - 2020 X Front Wheel 76371Cam Bolt 763710.30

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