44-2617 - Front Lower Camber Adjustable ball joint


·       Corrects Common factory camber issue

·       Adjust ride height to restore factory ride height and for camber change

·       Great for Fleet applications

·       Maximize your tire mileage 

·       Tool No 88-7313 is highly recommended to remove OE ball joint from knuckle  (One Time Purchase)


·       Quick and easy on vehicle adjustment 

·       Greaseable Design

·       Patent Pending


Adjustment Range: -0.5° to +1.° Camber

Quantity: 1

Caution: Check for proper clearance between ball stud and rim.

Note: Positive camber depends on tire rim size.

Sides Adjusted: 1

Compatible Vehicles Years Total Thrust Alignment Adjustment Method Est. Install Hours
Ford Transit 150,250,350,350HD 2015 - 2019 X Front Wheel 80432Ball Joint 804321.00
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