41-4607 - Front Camber Adjustable Correction Kit

This kit allows accurate adjustments in .25° increments, installs in just minutes, is adjustable for future alignments, helps restore original ride height, and can be used on either side of vehicle. Kit contains 2 caster/camber plates & necessary mounting hardware

US Patent # 6,257,601

Adjustment Range: +1.0°

Quantity: Pair

Note: (2 Plates & Hardware/Kit)

Sides Adjusted: 2

Compatible Vehicles Years Total Thrust Alignment Adjustment Method Est. Install Hours
Ford Taurus Sedan 1996 - 2007 X Front Wheel 51469Tower Plate 514690.90
Ford Taurus Wagon 1996 - 2007 X Front Wheel 51479Tower Plate 514790.90
Mercury Sable Sedan 1996 - 2005 X Front Wheel 43116Tower Plate 431160.90
Mercury Sable Wagon 1996 - 2005 X Front Wheel 22220Tower Plate 222200.90

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