41-210 - 10MM "Axis" Camber Cam Bolt

  • Makes non-adjustable vehicles fully adjustable for camber
  • Unique design allows fast and easy “on-vehicle” adjustments 
  • Works with OE bolt system. No cutting, drilling or modifications of any kind
  • Makes vehicle permanently adjustable for camber
  • Bolt head marked + and - for easy orientation
  • All sizes made from grade 12.9 high-strength steel

Adjustment Range: ±1.75°

Quantity: Pair

Sides Adjusted: 2

Compatible Vehicles Years Total Thrust Alignment Adjustment Method Est. Install Hours
Fiat 500 2012 - 2017 X Front Wheel 58039Axis Cam 580390.30
Fiat 500 2018 - 2019 X Front Wheel 81994Magna Cam 819940.30

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3D Animation PDF Installation Instruction