41-1450 - 12mm "Xtra Range" Magna-Cam Kit

The perfect solution for lowered vehicles with extreme camber correction needs.

Fast: Simply replace both strut mounting bolts with Magna Cam and adjust

Easy: No cutting, drilling or modifications of any kind

Economical: Easy installtion saves time and money

Accurate: Camber can be adjusted to exact specifications (while weight is on front wheels) with the turn of a wrench

Versatile: Fits either right or left side, front or rear of vehicles

Adjustment Range: ±2.5°

Quantity: Kit

Sides Adjusted: 1

Compatible Vehicles Years Total Thrust Alignment Adjustment Method Est. Install Hours
Volkswagen Golf & GTI 1985 - 1998 X Front Wheel 27041Performance Kit 270410.00
Volkswagen Jetta 1980 - 1999 X Front Wheel 18535Performance Kit 185350.00
Volkswagen Passat 1990 - 1997 X Front Wheel 24989Performance Kit 249890.00

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