88-9416 - Strut Removal Tool

Product Number Quantity Product Number Quantity
88-9416-1 1 88-9416-2 1
88-9416-3 1 88-9416-4 1
88-9416-5 1

This innovative new strut removal tool features a lever and fulcrum design for fast and easy remvoal of even the most stubborn struts. The design of this strut removal tool incorporates a long lever arm working against the strut’s lower spring plate with a fulcrum pushing the knuckle down, creating maximum leverage to free the bottom of the strut from the knuckle
Cuts strut removal time by 60% or more!*

Comes complete with instructions and instructional videotape showing tool in use, as well as time-saving tips for strut re-assembly. 


*Based on acutal test results at our test facility, when compared to factory flat rate times



Compatible Vehicles Years Total Thrust Alignment Adjustment Method Est. Install Hours
Ford Focus (Incl. ST/RS) 2012 - 2018 X Front Wheel
Ford Focus (Incl. SVT) 2000 - 2011 X Front Wheel
Ford Taurus Sedan 1986 - 1990 X Front Wheel
Ford Taurus Sedan 1991 - 1995 X Front Wheel
Ford Taurus Sedan 1996 - 2007 X Front Wheel

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